Vemma Vitamin Drink

The original mangosteen superfruit inside the Vemma formula…

Vemma Vitamin Drink Provides Every Body Great Health!

Vemma Vitamin Drink provides a single, ultra-premium, liquid formulation that delivers the nutritional vitamins, minerals and nutritional requirements essential for optimal health and wellness. Vemma is physician formulated and clinically studied, the Vemma (pronounced veema) formulation is included within all of our wellness products to provide you with superior nutrition.


Vemma 90-plus nutrients nourish your body at the cellular level  providing the nutritional vitamins and minerals your whole body requires for a targeted nutrition program.

Vemma is:


  • physician formulated
  • antioxidant-rich mangosteen superfruit
  • organic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera
  • organic caffeine free green tea
  • 12 full-spectrum vitamins
  • 65 trace and ultra-trace mineral
  • bioavailable




Take a look at a few of the healthful advantages the Vemma nutrition formula provides you with:

  • Protects and Supports a Healthy Heart – Vema sustains cardiovascular system overall health and facilitates healthy red blood cellular formation and nervous system performance. Sustains healthy levels of the amino acid homocysteine. Protects cellular functionality and supports healthy levels of cholesterol which are already within the normal range. Plus it delivers B vitamins at heart-healthy levels.
  • Enjoy Healthy Eyes, Hair and skin – Vemma helps produce and sustain healthy skin, eyes, teeth, gums and hair. Plus it will help promote very good eyesight, night vision, and eye overall health.
  • Vemma vitamin drink produces Abundant Energy – Vemma performs a crucial role in protein and carbohydrate absorption and metabolism. Vemma aids in energy conversion and producing energy from glucose.
  • Supports Your Immune System – Vemma supports your immune system and boosts immune response.

Vemma vitamin drink supplies a potent liquid formula which makes it simple to obtain the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you’ll want to form a strong nutritional foundation. Each and every refreshing serving of Vemma is bioavailable (body-ready), delicious as well as simple to drink!

It takes approximately…

  • 2 oranges to equal the amount of Vitamin C
  • 9 avocados to equal the amount of Vitamin E
  • 3 stalks of broccoli to equal the amount of Iron
  • 55 eggs to equal the amount of Vitamin D
  • 1 cup of spinach to equal the amount of Vitamin A
  • 3 cups of peas to equal the amount of Thiamin
  • 19 medium bananas to equal the amount of Riboflavin
  • 62 oz. of cheddar cheese to equal the amount of Vitamin B-12
  • 5 large potatoes to equal the amount of Niacin
  • 61 cups of tomatoes to equal the amount of Folate
  • 2 large watermelons to equal the amount of Vitamin B-6
  • 17 oz. of cherries to equal the amount of ORAC Value
  • 37 medium mushrooms to equal the amount of Pantothenic Acid

…in just a single daily two-ounce serving of the Vemma vitamin drink formula!

Consider Vemma your additional “wellness insurance” for satisfying nutritionary gaps in your daily diet.

Here’s just some of the advantages the Vemma Vitamin Drink Nutrition Program provides your family:

  • Physician formulated
  • Packed with powerful antioxidants from multiple sources
  • Complete full spectrum multivitamin
  • Vital major, trace and ultra-trace plant-sourced minerals
  • Easy to use, no more choking down pills or tablets
  • Our 30-Day, Vemma “Empty Bottle” Money-Back Guarantee

Vemma is delicious with results you can feel!

You risk nothing, because you’re protected by our…

30-Day, “Empty Bottle” Money-Back Guarantee!



Try Vemma Vitamin Drink today!